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The Ontario 360 project, housed at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, is designed to produce “demand-driven” research, analysis, and policy recommendations that support economic growth and job creation in the Province of Ontario. It carries out its work by scanning Ontario’s opportunities and challenges (including consultations with Ontario policymakers) and commissioning independent research by policy experts and practitioners to inform and shape the Ontario government’s own policy planning and development. Ontario 360 is independent, non-partisan, and fact-based. Our advisory council, authors, and Munk School faculty, students, alumni, and supporters do not necessarily endorse or affirm the policy recommendations advanced by the different contributors.

Since 2018, Ontario 360 has published more than 60 policy papers and briefing memos, hosted numerous online discussions and policy breakfasts, held many briefings and consultations with provincial policymakers, and generated considerable media attention for its work.

Ontario 360’s new season of policy papers, videos, and other forms of engagement is underway. The 2022 programme focuses on policy insights across a wide range of topics — fiscal, economic, social, environmental — expected to dominate debate during the spring provincial election.

For more information on Ontario 360’s 2022 programme, please send us an email at ontario.360@utoronto.ca.


An Introduction to the Ontario 360 Project